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Bid Writing

We have over 20 years of experience and have secured over £30 billion of public sector contracts. We have expert bid directors; managers, writers and researchers ready to work with you to generate winning bids.

Through gathering invaluable intel, strategising, innovating, designing, managing and creating bid and tender proposals, we ensure you produce and submit winning bids. Our team of bid writers are dedicated, driven and outcome focused champions with specialist knowledge across a range of sectors and industries. We deliver winning bids that are innovative and compelling. With a success rate of 90% we are committed to delivering a professional, experienced and supportive bid writing service.

We can support completion of Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) and proposals in response to Invitation to Tenders (ITTs), either on or off site or through embedding our support within your current team(s). Our tested and proven service can be customised to suit your needs:

  • Bid Management – overseeing your tender process from strategy to submission
  • Bid Support – developing tools and resources to support future success
  • Bid Planning – mapping timelines and tasks to complete bids ahead of schedule
  • Bid Research – carrying out research, creating personalised bids that speak directly to the Buyer
  • Bid Writing – drafting compliant and compelling content for a winning proposal

on-site bid writing


off-site bid writing

Specialist Bid Writing
Document & Graphics Production
QA Review & Challenge

pre-submission challenge

Testing Evidence
Client Focused Evaluation

end-2-end bid management package

Director Led
Prepare Draft
Red Review
Harvest Data
Amber Review
Final Draft
Capture Plan
2nd Draft
Submit Bid

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