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EiB supports organisations involved in the commissioning and delivery of public services to identify, select and embed the most efficient and effective service delivery model.

Over the last two years, increasingly our work in supporting strategic option appraisals has identified the potential value and benefits that can be achieved by through embracing collaboration as an alternative service delivery model. This model ensures clients deliver their objectives and priorities.


Collaborative working is more than simply changing the label on a difficult or challenging relationship, it is about fundamentally changing the culture, values and behaviours of everyone involved in the planning, management and delivery of the service. Making the transition to a trust based collaborative environment requires rigorous planning management, monitoring and evaluation of impact. We have developed a three-staged approach to supporting the transition towards a trust based collaborative environment which helps our clients to:

  • Select the right collaborative delivery model
  • Embedding collaborative working
  • Improving the performance of your organisation or alliance


Our approach starts with a detailed strategic review of the market/market conditions, customer needs and the capacity and capability of the organisation to exploit the opportunities for change.

Our review work will normally culminate in a senior management workshop to:

  • Agree on the starting point
  • Develop a clear vision of how it needs to operate in the future
  • Establish the priorities and objectives
  • Agree the project work streams and how these will be resourced
  • Identify the approach to be deployed to manage the desired change in order to deliver the desired outcomes

Following this stage, we prepare a strategic level ‘Transformational Route Map’ for the organisation detailing the starting point and defining a clear vision of how it needs to operate in the future. It then identifies the work streams which will need to be addressed. The route map is underpinned by our benefit management model which ensures that each project within the route map identifies its required impact/outcomes, the costs involved in delivering the project and the associated timescales. This is then used to ensure benefit realisation.


Appreciative Enquiry
Collaboration & Behavioural Development
Transformational Workshop
Collaboration/Alliancing Charters
Team & Individual Profiling


Measuring Relationship Maturity
360° Appraisal
Benefit Management & Realisation
Relationship Management
High Performing Teams
Coaching to Transform


Performance Management Framework
Continuous Improvement & Lean
Learning & Best Practice Forum
Organisational Development
Executive Challenge

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