EiB help Amey secure Area 10 Design Services Contract

EiB’s Strategic Work Winning Team, led by Scott Brown, have helped Amey Consulting secure the Area 10 Design Services Contract (DSC) for motorways and A roads in the North West. The contract is worth £49.7m and will last for up to five years.


Beginning in April 2019, Amey will provide the design for structures, drains, barriers, signs, landscaping, lighting, traffic signals and other features across the North West’s 418km of motorways and 80km of A roads.


Nick Harris, Highways England’s Executive Director of Operations, said: “this contract will enable Highways England to deliver the schemes which will improve both journeys for our customer and the condition of the road network… we are delighted to award this contract to Amey and look forward to establishing a successful, long-term relationship with them”.


This win means EiB have now helped Amey add to their 15 year Asset Support Contracts in Area 10 and Area 7, worth £325m and £300m respectively. This builds on Amey’s strong presence in the UK’s highways market, including their DSC contract in Areas 13 and 14 to support provide design and improvement schemes for the 658km of strategic road networks.


EiB Group Chief Executive Scott Brown said: “It is great to see our team build on their recent success in supporting Amey to win the Area 10 ASC contract. This is great news for road users and tax payers across the North West.”


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