Supporting Skanska to Secure the Hampshire CC Highways Contract

Supporting Skanska to Secure the Hampshire CC Highways Contract 2017-07-26T19:45:47+00:00

Project Description

Client Challenge

A key objective of Skanska’s Infrastructure Services business development strategy is to build a more strategic and operational presence in the South of England through local authority highways contracts. The Hampshire County Council Highways Services £10m/annum contract provided the opportunity to further add to the percentage coverage of roads which Skanska maintain in the south west.

The challenge was to produce an innovative and sustainable delivery solution, present evidence based business cases through the negotiation stage and deliver a final winning tender against strong competition, particularly the incumbent.

EiB Approach & Involvement

EiB was commissioned to support Skanska from the outset of the tender to work with Bid Director and members of the bid team. Our support included:

  • Using our Facet5 personality assessment tool and a teambuilding workshop to build a strong and effective bid team
  • Working closely with the Bid Director to establish clear direction and act as a mentor and ‘sounding board’ to ensure the early weeks of the tender were efficient and productive
  • Attending regular ‘bid reviews’ to ensure progress was in line with the timetable and to deal with any issues/problems being encountered by the team
  • Acting as a ‘critical friend’ by objectively challenging the draft responses during the Amber and Red reviews, offering valuable feedback to strengthen the quality submission in line with client requirements and the evaluation criteria
  • Providing hands-on bid writing support to ensure the ‘win themes’ and key messages were prominent throughout the submission and that evidence to support their approach was consistent and verifiable
  • Working closely with the bid team to develop an innovative and inspiring presentation and facilitating several dry-runs and mock Q&A sessions
  • Advising the Bid Director on how to structure the business cases required during the negotiation stage
  • Challenging the innovative ideas being proposed; strengthening the written submissions and briefing/de-briefed the team after each negotiation meeting
  • Supporting the production of the final tender by challenging the responses at Amber and Red review, making recommendations on how the responses could be further strengthened and improved.

Client Testimonial

“Thank you for the excellent teambuild session, all of the team have been really positive about it, the learning from the Facet5 profiles and the impact it’s had on the way the bid team has worked together. Your constructive, supportive, challenging and objective approach throughout the tender has been invaluable”

Mathew Riches, Bid Director

Success & Outcomes

The success of the personality profiling and teambuilding workshop was self-evident throughout the tender, as the bid team worked collaboratively and effectively to successfully submit a compelling and innovative tender.

Following the submission of the initial tender; a well-received presentation; an engaging performance during negotiation and the submission of an innovative and sustainable bid, Skanska were announced as the preferred bidder for the £40m, 10 year contract, having displaced the incumbent and fought off stiff competition.