Supporting Tarmac in Area 7’s Collaborative Works Framework

Supporting Tarmac in Area 7’s Collaborative Works Framework 2017-06-21T13:27:20+00:00

Project Description

Client Challenge

In November 2015, Highways England introduced the Asset Delivery Model. This new, innovative service delivery model enable Highways England to assume greater control over the Strategic Road Network, become more accountable for performance, and broaden their Tier 1 supplier base.

A significant focus of Tarmac’s business development strategy is to develop a closer, more strategic relationship with Highways England. The Area 7 CWF tender presented the first opportunity to develop this relationship, by building on Tarmac’s strong operational footprint in the East Midlands region.

EiB Approach & Involvement

Through a referral, Tarmac engaged EiB to work closely with their bid team to support the development of their quality submission. This involved:

  • Initially providing the role of ‘critical friend’ – reviewing and challenging draft responses; and then
  • Based on the value our team were adding, becoming more hands on in the development of the operational solution and drafting of quality responses

For the final two weeks of the tender process EiB placed two consultants alongside the Tarmac team to support the the challenge and final refinement of the quality responses.

Through an iterative and collaborative process, we worked with Tarmac to ensure:

  • Their win themes and USPs were embedded throughout the submission; and
  • The evidence to support their approach was consistent and compelling

Client Testimonial

“Richard, just a quick note to thank you and John for all your help. Your input has been really appreciated and I believe we have ended up with a very good submission which I am confident will get us to where we want to be”

Gareth Hopkins, Senior Manager, Commercial Services

Success & Outcomes

Tarmac were appointed as the primary contractor on the CWF Pavements Lot, ensuring they will deliver 80% of the surfacing works in Area 7 over the next 4 years. As a result of our support Tarmac:

  • Secured the future of the East Midlands regional business
  • Laid the foundations of a positive, long term and direct relationship with Highways England; and
  • Secured up to £15m per annum of new business